Curry Tree Design is a sustainable design company that works with craftswomen to make bags using handwoven textiles in India. We engage with these regionally diverse and interdependent web of largely self-sufficient communities in order to support practices that are connected to local ecology and attuned to the rhythms of a more-than-human earth. It is an attempt to make way for an ecological economy which has at its heart not a distant vision of progress but an awareness of other forms of sentience and sensibility that inhabit the present with us.




 Ekta Aggarwal has a MFA in Art from California Institute of the Arts, MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London and BA in Economics from Hindu College, University of Delhi. In 2013, she returned to India after completing her masters and decided to start Curry Tree Design. Being away from India for an extended period of time had made her realize the strong influence of Indian traditional textiles on her aesthetics. She is inspired by the textures, patterns, lines and colours of the Indian handmade textiles. The beauty and flaws of these fabrics draw attention to the human hand at work. Ekta loves animals and is a strong supporter of animal rights. She sees Curry Tree Design as a step towards creating a sustainable community that supports all beings in the world to create a beautiful environment for all of us to coexist.







Thank you to my mom, Sunita Aggarwal, for her hard work and support to nurture Curry Tree so that it could grow and thrive. Sunita is a collector of Indian handloom textiles. She has a beautiful collection of handwoven sarees and stoles handpicked by her over the past forty years. Her collection includes khadi, bandhni, kalamkari, silk, mukaish work, Kashmiri embroidery and Banarasi handwoven sarees to name a few. She has a bachelors degree from Punjab.